Monday, April 7, 2025

In Which I Tell You How to Find Things on This Website

I thought it might help my readers to have clear, easy to read links showing them all the places I have written about and my favorite things to do in each place.

After careful consideration, I have decided that the perfect tourist day for me would be the following:

(Ideally somewhere local because trying out different breakfast traditions is the best.)
Major Attraction(It's best to see the large attractions while you are alert and can devote time to them.ght and alert!)
Lunch(Something along the sandwich/salad/soup spectrum so there's room for dinner)
Exploring(This can be a walking tour or on your own. You can also see smaller museums and buildings here.)
Sitting (At a cafĂ© or bar with friends or somewhere charming to read on your own. At this point in the day you will need to relax.)
Dinner(Preferably a proper three course meal, but in some places something more casual might be more to your needs.)
Entertainment(For me this would be theater, movies, concerts, pretty much anything but mimes because they scare me.)

Therefore I have classified each place I've reviewed according to the above seven categories. You may wonder why I have chosen to put some places in one category and not another. I wonder that myself! A woman's heart is an ocean of secrets. Similarly I categorize restaurants according to Lunch or Dinner based on whether or not I think it would be better to have a large meal or a small meal there. Of course, you are free to do whatever you wish! And now, without further ado, are:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In Which I Lure You In With Pictures of Cute Japanese Children

SG's Guide to Buying Baseball Tickets in Tokyo

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You Must Buy Tickets To A Giants Game If You Are In Tokyo

The easiest way to describe the Giants is to say that they are the New York Yankees of Tokyo. This means that their fans love them with a love that is pure and true and noisy and the fans of every single other baseball team in Japan hate them. Also, they always win. They are based in Tokyo but called the “Yomiuri” Giants because their corporate sponsor is a media conglomerate called the Yomiuri Group. Their home field is Tokyo Dome which is also known as “The Big Egg”. They call it this because the stadium is shaped like a big egg.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In Which I Am Punished For Trying to Eat Noodles

SG's Guide to Eating Lunch in Tokyo

You Should Always Have a Couple of Options in Mind

Remembering my woeful attempt to find food on the previous night, I had tried to do a better job planning ahead to get my lunch in Akiba. I looked on the Lonely Planet map of the area and circled a couple of restaurants in the neighborhood. One was a tonkatsu place called Marugo Tonkatsu and the other was a soba place called Kanda Yabu Soba.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In Which I Meet the World's Meanest Flower

SG's Guide to Points of Interest Near Tsukiji Fish Market

Having been nourished by my fishy breakfast, I was ready to do some more exploring. However, being new to Tokyo and confused by its winding streets, I had some difficulty finding some of the locations in the Fish Market that were specially recommended by the guidebook. I hadn’t been able to find Sushi Daiwa, and I hadn’t been able to find Namiyoke-jinja, which is a shrine in the market that is dedicated to seafood.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In Which I Eat Raw Fish For Breakfast

SG's Guide to the Tsukiji Fish Market

You Should Get Up At Sunrise

What plans could I possibly have that would necessitate waking at such a ludicrous hour of the morning? Some rare and entrancing exhibition of Japanese dance? The promise of watching the sun rise over Shinjuku Station? A romantic rendezvous with a tall, dark, and handsome stranger?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In Which I Have an Acid Flashback

SG's Guide to Navigating Tokyo Part Two

You Should Be Flexible

I had carefully planned my itinerary for my first evening in Tokyo. My LP guide contained a brief but interesting looking walking tour of West Shinjuku, a neighborhood that was right by the hotel. This tour included a look at some interesting buildings, a ride up to the top of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower, complete with a stunning nighttime view of the city, and dinner at the delicatessen in the Park Hyatt Hotel. I am so glad that I came up with this itinerary because I ended up doing exactly zero things on the list.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

In Which I Salute Mediocrities Everywhere

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SG's Guide to Budget Hotels: Part One

I usually get really bummed out reading hotel or restaurant reviews on Internet review sites because the glimpses I get of the reviewer's personality are enough to make one weep for the future of humanity. Here is an actual Yelp review of my favorite bagel place in NYC, Russ and Daughters: